We aim to drive the development of limitless sustainable spaces by providing customisable and appealing photovoltaic solutions.
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Our Formula


= Future Buildings

Our Values


The solar energy market is extremely fast and dynamic, what worked yesterday does not work today. Innovation flows in our DNA, we continuously research and develop new photovoltaic technologies to stay ahead of trends.


Climate change and CO2 emissions should be fought with solutions that have no limits. We always strive to create net-zero products that positively impact our environment.


Our customer’s vision becomes a reality thanks to our infinite range of customisable photovoltaic modules. Being in harmony with the external environment and not sacrificing our client’s desires has always guided us.

Unsurpassed Swiss quality & design

About Us

Sunage is a Swiss company, leader in the design, development and production of photovoltaic modules. Founded in 2007 in Canton of Ticino (CH), with over 15 years of experience in the solar industry, it has always focused on constant innovation of its technologies and production processes.

The quality of our manufacturing process and photovoltaic modules has been our priority since the beginning. We always implement:

Highest quality materials

Every single Sunage module is made using the highest quality materials with easily traceable origins.

Process controls

During production phases, we subject each component of the photovoltaic module to strict quality controls.

Test and verification

At the end of the production process, we examine every photovoltaic module with an electroluminescence viewer to verify that the cells have not been damaged during the lamination process.


Sustainability pioneers, always.
More than a decade of solar energy innovation.
Our Foundation
High quality and performance photovoltaics

Sunage was founded in Chiasso, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Our initial photovoltaic production focused of high quality BAPV (Building Applied Photovoltaic) modules with high efficiency.

Early projects included the application of our BAPV modules on large surfaces of industrial buildings, agricultural sheds, etc. to produce the highest amount of energy possible.

Suncol BAPV
The coloured photovoltaic technology

The necessity of more aesthetic photovoltaic modules with appealing design features started to increase. After the research and development of BAPV (Building Applied Photovoltaic) coloured modules, Sunage created the brand Suncol Glass.

The innovative Suncol BAPV modules started to be produced in Sunage’s manufacturing plant and to be successfully applied on residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Suncol BIPV
The revolutionary photovoltaic technology

The traditional use of Suncol BAPV modules as an application product on roofs was no longer sufficient. To respond to the market’s evolution, Sunage researched and developed the Suncol BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) technology.

Suncol Facade and Suncol Tile were born and inserted as construction materials in facades and roofs of buildings. Suncol became limitless and thanks to its customisation features, the new technology could cover all the building surface.

Today and Tomorrow
BIPV at 360 degrees

Sunage continues to develop high quality and high-performance photovoltaic modules. Aesthetics is taking on an important role in the way we design our products.

Working on a variety of different projects spanning from roof to facade, allowed Sunage to develop a BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) expertise at 360 degrees.

Sunage will always continue to explore and create new photovoltaic solutions to limitlessly shape architectural spaces and improve the environment we live in.