Glass Glass

Front and back solar glass characterise this PV module.
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This technology uses a sandwich of two solar glasses 3.2mm + 3.2mm that contain the cells and perfectly seal them, giving the module a high resistance to mechanical stress and therefore a longer life span.
  • Power: 310W
  • Front: Transparent solar glass 3.2mm
  • Back: Transparent or black solar glass 3.2mm
  • Cells: Mono crystalline Perc 158.75 x 158.75 mm or Mono crystalline Perc 156.75 x 156.75 mm
  • Number of cells: 60
  • Encapsulant
  • Framed or frameless: Frame 37mm
  • Performance: 25 years
  • Linear decay: 3.0% in the first year, 0.68% per year after first year, ending with not less than 80.68% of nominal power by end of year 25th
  • Manufacturing defects: 12 years
  • Higher mechanical resistance than foil
  • Possibility of increasing mechanical resistance through frame
  • Great transparency of the module
  • Longer life span than traditional PV modules
  • High module efficiency
Our raw materials choice always guarantees high quality and reliability of the modules.


This type of module can be applied to any kind of roof on residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
Explore how high mechanical resistance and performance blend together in Glass Glass modules.
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